Boone Doggle?

Dale Boone continued his string of baked bean eating victories, winning his third 84 Lumber contest in a row over top American eater Sonya Thomas. This win, however, has spawned controversy.

While Thomas was gracious in defeat, she and other competitors lodged complaints about the unusually hot beans and what was considered an unfair advantage for Boone, who utilized a jug of water one of just two on the competition table to cool his beans. Thomas placed third behind local eater, Randy Harrison, who had no water, but who seemed to have a heat-resistant esophagus.

Sonya Thomas remains the top-ranked eating champion in the United States and is the only individual to consume 8.4 pounds of baked beans (nearly half again as much as in the recent contest) in 2 minutes and 47 seconds at the 84 Lumber in Centerville, Indiana, earlier this year.

Fans are calling out for a three-way baked bean eat-off featuring Don Moses Lerman, Dale Boone and Sonya Thomas, all of whom have shown extraordinary prowess in this discipline. As for now, Boone seems pleased with three consecutive wins.