Bottomless Pit Mauls Birmingham

With his devoted cult of fans known as ‘The Pit Crew’ cheering wildly, Bill ‘The Bottomless Pit’ Pendleton cruised to a Halloween victory last night at the Sloss Fright Furnace in Birmingham, AL by devouring 26 Krystals in eight minutes.

Pendleton, of Destin, FL, earns a birth in the Nov. 13 World Championship, where $17,500.00 in prize money will be on the line.

In second place, from Chattanooga, TN- the home of the Krystal hamburger- was Moose Abercrombie with 25 Krystals, while Eric ‘Baked’ Bean took third with 23.

The combative eater dressed up as ‘The Wolf’ ate a disappointing 14 Krystals, though thankfully did not carry thru on a threat to mark the contest staging area as his territory.