He Be Jammin

Embarking on what he called “a personal quest,” Joe LaRue left Hollywood in the October Saturday pre-dawn and traveled north. Hours later he arrived at a shining new 84 Lumber in DeLand, Florida totally focused on the matter at hand: winning the 84 Lumber Bean Eating Contest.

With Janus and Reeves in from New York, and a slate of local eaters talking with alarming familiarity about the contest, the win was no gimme.

When the moment arrived, however, LaRue rose to it and took 1st place by downing 84 ounces of baked beans in one minute and 28 seconds. Smiling, he grabbed his oversized 84 Lumber check and climbed into his car for the trip north to the Krystal qualifier in Mobile.

Again, no gimme event. After eight minutes LaRue was one part of a three-way tie, having downed 28 Krystals. Overtime ensued and LaRue came away the victor with five additional Krystals in one minute.

“Any doubts on LaRue’s position as a top-ten eater were put to rest this weekend,” said the IFOCE’s David Baer. “In two days he proved his skills in speed and capacity. Convincingly."