'Your Eatin' Heart'

In the shadow of the Hank Williams museum, and surrounded by an
estimated 1,000 eating fans, the beautiful Carlene LeFevre consumed 27
Krystals to take the Krystal Crown at the Alabama National Fair in
Montgomery on Wednesday, October 13. Throughout the contest Carlene's husband
Rich LeFevre, who ate 38 Krystals in Georgia just a few days earlier,
shouted words of encouragement to his bride from the front row.

In second place with 25 Krystals was self-described swing voter Daniel
Anzulovic. A tie went to third place finishers Bill "the Weaver"
Pendleton and Jason "the Kernel" Kokoska. Pendleton and Kokoska both
ate 23 Krystals in the eight-minute competition.

Carlene will compete alongside her husband at the Krystal World
Hamburger Eating Championship in Chattanooga.