Eric Badlands Booker won the BurritoVille Burrito Eating Contest, an IFOCE Invitational that took place at BurritoVille in Lower Manhattan on Saturday evening, March 16th. With this win, Booker secured his first career major and set up what is certain to be an extraordinary summer circuit.

Booker, who is the current Glutton Bowl Egg Eating Champion and has long been recognized as one of the IFOCE.s finest eaters, proved his mettle at the burrito eating contest by beating veteran hot dog eating champion Hungry Charles Hardy, Glutton Bowl tongue eating champion Dominic Cardo, and whip cream eating specialist Gaseous Maximus Frye among others.

Booker consumed a record 14 six-ounce burritos to win the eight-minute contest. Eating fans enjoying the festivities of BurritoVille.s 10th Anniversary celebration, cheered loudly when the contest hit the seven minute mark and less than one burrito separated Booker from three of his opponents . Hardy, Jarvis and Lipsitz.

"This contest is evidence of the invitational format.s popularity among eating fans," said David Baer, the IFOCE.s director of business development. "Whenever you have six competitors this closely matched the tension is high and so are the expectations. Booker delivered in no uncertain terms."

The Burrito Eating Contest, which was sanctioned and judged by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE), is one of many new events recently added to the growing list of IFOCE majors. Later this spring, the IFOCE will sanction the Big Easy Eat Off., where fans will watch 15 competitors down as many oysters as they can in 12-minutes.