Sonya Retains Taco Title

Sonya Thomas consumed 48 soft tacos in 11 minutes to win the Zocalo Taco-Eating championship at the Inside Out Festival at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Thomas, who won $1,000 for her effort, established a lead early and did not falter.

Placing second was Hungry Charles Hardy, who ate 38 tacos in 11 minutes to win $500, and Bladlands Booker came in third with 37 to earn $250. Tim Janus placed fourth with 33 tacos.

Also competing were No Limit Holden, Ed Taboada, Jr., BB Seiken, Crazy Legs Conti, Adam Leffler and Daniel Maurer.

Zocalo Restaurant is located on the Lower Level Dining Concourse of Grand Central Terminal and on 82nd Street between 3rd and Lexington avenues.