LeFevre Wins Winchell's World Donut Eating Championship

Rich ‘The Locust’ LeFevre, long classified in competitive eating circles as a distance specialist, put this label to rest Wednesday evening in Los Angeles, CA by devouring 42 Winchell’s donuts in 8:00 minutes to win the Winchell’s World Donut Eating Championship.

LeFevre, who punished each donut with the tenacity of someone who has held a very inner, long-term grudge, received $1,500.00 and the coveted title of World Donut Eating Champion.

Finishing in second was former World Donut Eating Champion Eric ‘Badlands’ Booker, who ate an impressive 36 donuts. In third place was ‘Jalapeno’ Jed Donahue with 31.

A monumental challenge facing the talented field of gurgitators was eating a noted breakfast food during an evening contest. However, similar to Pete Sampras’ epic battle against dehydration and nausea during the 1996 US Open, LeFevre was able to overcome this challenge and attain victory.