Hicks Tops Wing in Krystal Match

Knoxville resident Jeff Hicks beat chicken wing eating specialist El Wingador, Bill Simmons, at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville, eating 22 Krystals in eight minutes to Wingador's 21.

Wingador, four time WIP Wing Bowl champion, had driven 12 hours to the event and seemed focused on eating only enough burgers to mark a win. However, in the final moments, it became clear that Hicks not only had the confidence of a winner, but the jaw strength of a true champion. Placing third with 19 Krystals in eight minutes was John Turner.

The road to Chattanooga and the Krystal Square Off continues on Tuesday, September 28, in Memphis at the Mid South Fair. The winner of each of the 11 qualifying matches receives a seat in the final championship.