W Is For Cookie: Jarvis Takes Nashville Krystal Qualifier

In a scene reminiscent of the Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed fight in the movie 'Rocky', Cookie Jarvis fended off an unheralded newcomer named Lynn Curley in a battle of wills tonight to win the Nashville qualifier of the 2004 Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship.

At the conclusion of the 8:00 minute contest, both gurgitators had devoured an impressive 33 Krystal Hamburgers. A one minute tie-breaker, as outlined in contest guidelines, was instituted to determine the victor. However, having pushed his body to the limit during the 8:00 event, Curley stoically and graciously forfeited the victory to Jarvis, saying he could take no more.

Curly retained an upbeat attitude after the contest, saying "I held my own against the #3 ranked eater in the entire world. To me, that makes me feel like a winner tonight."

An emotionally drained and visibly moved David Baer of the IFOCE deemed it one of the closest contests he'd ever seen before.

Cade Hardin took 3rd place with 30 Krystals, greatly improving on his previous mark of 19 at the Chattanooga qualifer.