Cannoli's at San Gennaro Fest

On September 17, Little Italy’s 77th Annual Feast of San Gennaro will hold the World Cannoli-Eating Contest in Manhattan's Little Italy.

Ed Cookie Jarvis, a top-ranked member of the IFOCE, is expected to return to defend his title as Cannoli Eating Champion. Upstart Tim Janus and veteran Don Moses Lerman also are expected to attend the annual event.

Contestants will go head to head devouring as many six inch cannolis as possible in this six-minute contest. In addition to the title of World Cannoli Eating Champion, the winner will receive possession of the bejeweled Championship Cannoli Eating Belt.

This is an IFOCE event and the IFOCE will handle all registration. Those over the age of 18 may register by emailing