84 Lumber Bean Record

A decisive victory by Sonya Thomas in the 84 Lumber baked bean-eating contest in Centerville, Indiana, has set off a frenzy among eating afficionados, who are calling for a title match between Thomas and and bean-eating specialist Don Moses Lerman.

Thomas consumed 8.4 pounds of baked beans (just under one gallon) with pork in 2 minutes 47 seconds in Indiana, obliterating the competition. Other top eaters in attendance -- including Cookie Jarvis, Yellowcake Subich, Kevin Carr and Peter Nichols -- struggled with the heavy bean mixture. After Jarvis stepped back from the table (a hiccup kocked him out of the game as he was trailing Thomas with a strong hold on second) Subich and Nichols began a battle for runner-up.

The grueling bean match turned brutal when Subich and Nichols ended in a dead heat and were forced to endure an overtime run-off. Nichols just squeaked into second, consuming two more ounces of beans than Subich.

No fan can hear about this match without imagining the competition of Don Moses Lerman were at the table. lerman, known for the fastest hands in competitive eating, has consumed 6 pounds of baked beans in one minute 47 seconds. Even if the beans in this event were slightly less difficult to consume than the Indiana beans, one still wonders what would have happened -- hence the need for a title match.