Aloha Maui, Hoo Ahh

Eric Badlands Booker won the Maui Onion Challenge and the beautiful Maui Onion Lei by consuming 9 ounces of raw Maui Onion in just one minute. Former champ and Hawaii eating legend, Eric the 'Onion King,'Seigmund, finishes 2nd with 8 ounces in one minute.

Stephen Malkmus, an eating fan, apparently informed Badlands that Aloha has different meanings depending on the inflection. Like Booker's trademark aphorism "hoo ahh," aloha means goodbye and also hello. Upon completion of the contest, Badlands signed autographs that read 'Aloha, Eric Booker, Hoo Ahh' and 'Hoo Ahh, Eric Booker, Aloha.'