Thanksgiving Meal Contest Caps IFOCE Harvest Series

The International Federation of Competitive Eating is now preparing for the Thanksgiving Meal contest, which will feature the winners of all 2002 Harvest Series events, including the Stagg World's Chili Eating Championship in Reno, NV; National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo, NY; Cannoli Championship in New York, NY; Hibernation Cup, Anchorage, K; the Conch Fritter Worlds in Key West, FL; and the World Pelemeni Eating Contest, Brooklyn, NY.

The Thanksgiving Meal contest, or Harvest Series Championship, will take place in New York, NY on Wednesday, November 27, the day before Thanksgiving. Competitors will eat an enormous thanksgiving meal, including an entire turkey, determining once and for all who is the king of Thanksgiving in America.

Sponsorship opportunities for this event are available, and interested parties can attain information by contacting or calling (212) 352-8651.