Simmons Trades Wings for Dogs

El Wingador triumphed in his second-ever attempt in the hot dog discipline, winning the Nathan's Famous qualifier at the Molly Pitcher Travel Plaza in New Jersey by a full hot dog and bun plus. El Wingador, whose given name is Bill Simmons, ate 16 hot dogs and buns and an addition two hot dogs without buns.

Tying for second with 15 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes were Big Brian Subich and Bob Shoudt. A three-way tie for third included Brian Davenport, Brian Seiken and Boss Man Kondik, all of whom ate 13.5.

Wingador's victory provides him the opportunity to square off against his arch rival, Sonya Thomas, who has already earned a spot at the table in Coney.

The final three qualifying events for the 2004 July 4 championship take place during the next week: Long Island Ducks on Saturday, June 26; Atlanta Zoo, Saturday, June 26; South Street Seaport Civil Service, Wednesday, June 30.