The Glutton Bowl

Perhaps no event has ever tested the skills of the world's greatest eaters in such a broad variety of disciplines as The Glutton Bowl, a two-hour IFOCE-sanctioned eating special scheduled to air on Fox Television in mid-February 2002.

The greatest eaters from the United States and around the globe convened in California for an event of enormous magnitude to the world of competitive eating.

Produced by Nash Entertainment ("Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed"), the Glutton Bowl promises to deliver the most drama this sport has seen since the rivalry between Hirofumi Nakajima and Edward Krachie in the mid 1990s.

Executive producer for the multi-category event is Don Weiner ("Showtime at the Apollo"), and Richard Shea, president of the IFOCE, is co-executive producer. The host of The Glutton Bowl, Emmy-winning Mark Thompson ("Guinness World Records: Primetime," "When Good Pets Go Bad") is joined by IFOCE Chairman George Shea for color commentary.