Double-0 Kevin Approaches April Head On

Is Double-0 Kevin a shadowy new gurgitator or just a kid looking to claw his way to the middle of the table? Is he playing a game or naturally excited to be out on the circuit eating against people he once only dreamed of meeting? Is he listening to Nelly Furtado while eating competitively?

Lots of questions exist--too many questions--and yet there is a chance that the answer to each question is simply "no."

In an effort to further analyze Double-0 Kevin one attempts to place intrigue aside. With this guy, however, it's hard to place intrigue anywhere but front and center. Here's what we do know: He was born Kevin Ross. He is a rookie eater who likes to lift weights in his free time. He is a resident of California. People are talking:

"His love for technology, fine watches and luxury automobiles contradicts his character. Double-0 is a private guy who favors flashy things so it's hard to figure him out. He has a winning smile yet I find myself acting all guarded around him."

-- Eater X, ranked #4 in the world

"I fear this boy's cruel bravado and noisy confidence. I am jealous of his youthful swagger, his careless way at the table. I am working up a complete dossier."

-- Steakbellie, ranked #21 in the world

"Kevin Ross is the Hoagy Carmichel of our time. He's like the Gig Young of Major League Eating you know? And these are all very likable guys--Hoagy, Gig and Kevin."

-- Ryan Nerz, Major League Eating executive

"If you want the truth, I don't think very much of Kevin Ross. He can be quite annoying, which is why I dumped him from my Myspace page."

-- Beautiful Brian, ranked #40 in the world

As the 2008 Major League Eating circuit begins, fans and eaters alike seem to be looking out for Double-0 Kevin Ross. Somebody new has captured the imagination of the eating community. But nobody knows what to expect. Nobody.

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