Erik The Red is a Man with a passion for fiery foods. In fact, he is a one-man jalapeno juggernaut and he’s heading straight for the title in Little Ole Laredo.

Anybody who doubts me does so at his or her peril. Why you ask? Because I have witnessed sweat and spice pouring out of Erik The Red’s nostrils with a swiftness rivaled only by a Seattle rain. I have seen The Red spit fire. I have seen him shine with determination. And I have seen him eat peppers.

Just this past fall, I stood by as Erik The Red set a record (Guinness) for jalapeno eating and the Belligerent Blazing Habanaro's (sic).

How did Erik the Red set the record? By eating hot before hot was cool. He was popping jalapenos as a kid. He loves peppers and was a pepper specialist long before Bertoletti and all the others hopped on the jalapeno bandwagon. Erik has the skill, he has the passion, he has the dashing good looks.

This weekend will be a weekend of fire. And when the dust settles on the sleepy streets of Laredo, we’ll see the man known the world over as “The Red” hoisting the hardware that reads 2008 Jalapeno World Champion.

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