MLE Chowdown 3

It’s official – Spike has announced that the third and final episode of the MLE Chowdown will air on February 3rd. As it turns out, this is the date of another athletic event – a little number called the “Super Bowl.” By some coincidence of TV schedule planning, the biggest sporting event of 2008 will appear during “half time” of what is apparently a game of American football.

But everyone knows the real ball game – Joey Chestnut and Deep Dish Bertoletti going head-to-head in snarfing a ham the size of a small child; Erik the Red and Shredder Goldstein dropping eggs like hormone-riddled hens. This one is for the whole enchilada, folks. It’s the Chowdown Championship, the prize for which is a fork the size of a slightly larger child, coveted for its beauty and symbolism. Competitive eating fans witnessed Bertoletti’s earth-shattering upsets in the first two rounds of the MLE Chowdown, they watched with jaws gaping the unforeseen rise of Gravy Brown, and they’ve been on the edge of their seats ever since….

It’s time. Set your date books for January 3rd. And when you finish watching the most eventful event of ’08, the MLE Chowdown: Ham n’ Egg on Spike TV, you can tune in for the “second half” of this Super Bowl thing.

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