Points Race Continues in Austin

The Axia3 Points Chase began last weekend with Joey Chestnut earning 18 points at the Pretzel Twister World Pretzel-Eating Championship. Chestnut is enjoying a six-point cushion atop the standings over Tim “Eater X” Janus. Both eaters are expected to compete in the Bikinis event. Sonya Thomas and newcomer Pat Bruss occupy positions three and four, respectively.

This weekend’s contest also marks the highly anticipated season debuts for MLE “Young Guns” Chip Simpson and Seaver Miller. Dale Boone, who currently occupies the fifth position in the Axia3 Points Chase, was a last-minute scratch for the Bikinis competition.

Dale’s fans, known as the Boonies, have tried to convince him to compete via phone and email to no avail. It is reported that Boonies throughout greater Austin have scheduled a screening of Gutbusters II.

Other hopefuls looking to climb up the point standings this weekend are David “Brickhouse” Braunstein, “Crazy Legs” Conti and Larry “Legend” McNeil. The Bikinis contest will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday, and will be followed by an autograph session for MLE fans in attendance. For more information on Bikinis visit

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