Booker Readies New CD

That reply embodies the confidence of this now-retired competitive eater. Perhaps most famous for eating four pounds of corned beef hash in under two minutes, Badlands has redefined himself as a brash and serious rap artist. His first effort, Hungry and Focused, was well reviewed by Spin magazine. He has performed in front of audiences from Los Angeles to Boston, and his tracks have graced Major League Eating television productions including the popular Tour de Gorge series.

In recent weeks, Badlands has been spending countless hours in the studio with D.J. Julian fine tuning “Hungry and Focused III, The Reframing: Word to Jim Mullen’s Teeth.” The triple-titled collection of new material marks the duo’s third effort and will once again be a discussion on, and window into, the world of competitive eating.

“Just because I’ve stepped away from the table doesn’t mean this sport has stopped inspiring me,” said Badlands. “I see these new dudes coming up and I see Kobayashi continuing to amaze at every turn. Major League Eating is a lifestyle and the IFOCE's a community of individuals that I love.”

Also performing on the CD is Badlands’ son Lil’ Bran who, as in past efforts, raps a bit and assists with beat creation.

“Lil’ Bran is like Peyton Manning to Badlands' Archie,” said Akwafresh, a rapper from New York's suburbs who is an outspoken fan of the prodigy's soft spitting style. “Both father and son are awesome at what they do, but I can see Bran some day eclipsing his dad.”

While not confirmed, it is rumored that Badlands will perform new tracks prior to the Thanksgiving Invitational in New York City and at the World Meatball Eating Championship in Atlantic City on December 2nd.

“Hungry and Focused III, The Reframing: Word to Jim Mullen’s Teeth” will be available on Thanksgiving Day, 2006. It will be for sale at the IFOCE store and interested media can secure advance singles by emailing

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