Hard Line Judge

An engineer at Boeing, Meduna was once the top-ranked eater in Washington State who put up impressive performances in kolache and hamburgers. It is for this reason that the Bison got the tap when Erik the Red set out to break Hungry Charles’ shrimp record at a charity event in Seattle.

“I laid out the IFOCE rules and then the challenge started,” reported the Bison, always by the book. “Erik went from go to stop without slowing down. All remains including the tails were weighed properly. He ate with poise, power and passion.”

In the end, Erik the Red had eaten four pounds and 15 ounces of shrimp in 12 minutes. He recognized the Bison for his work, as did those in the audience, which included players from the Seahawks, Mariners and the Huskies.

Beyond Seattle, the Bison is perhaps best known for the role he played at the Easter Feaster that occurred in Pasco, Washington in April, 2002. The legendary holiday-themed contest was held at a raucous biker rally and featured ham and mashed potatoes. It was won by Ed Jarvis, then the Bison’s arch rival.

“Like Woodstock, the Easter Feaster occurred just once and anything since has been wretched imitation,” said the IFOCE’s Richard Shea. When pressed about his assertion, Shea admitted that no Easter Feaster imitators have actually popped up.

“But if they did do another Easter Feaster, you know, it would be like Woodstock ’99. Alanis Morisette is no Janis Joplin.”

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