Lansing, Michigan Home to IFOCE 'Fans of the Week'

Faith and her roommates, who are huge followers of competitive eating, are Fans of the Week for week of October 8 through 14.

Despite its name, the IFOCE's new fan recognition program will not run every week. However, the IFOCE welcomes new Fan(s) of the Week submissions. All future Fans of the Week will receive free t-shirts, either from the IFOCE, MLE or from IFOCE sponsors.

Faith and her friends say that IFOCE television specials are one of their favorite things to watch. In fact, according to Faith, they actually throw a mini party whenever there is an event, and they have set their DVR to record all future events.

The fans love watching so much that they have created a rankings board in their basement to remain current. Their love for the sport reportedly has converted new fans, creating a growing fan base in Lansing.

As Fans of the Week, Faith and her roommates receive free MLE t-shirts.

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