Separation Sunday

Justin Mih, a mathematician of the first order who attends Harvard University, is very focused on the relationship between Eater X, the 6th ranked eater in the world, and Chip Simpson, the 7th ranked eater in the world.

“These numbers are tough numbers and this ranking order is tough. I think it has caused bad blood between these two,” said Mih. “I’ve competed alongside Chip and Tim. Sure they smile, but I sense a hidden rivalry.”

Clearly, when it comes to rankings, these two Major League Eaters are foes. And their head-to-head battle at the Krystal Square Off III World Hamburger Championship Qualifier in Atlanta this Sunday is beginning to draw attention. The question on everyone's mind is whether the man with the war paint will come away the victor.

"When was the last time Janus beat Simpson?" asked Mih, quick to answer his own question. “It was on July 4th in Coney. But I think most fans are more conscious of Simpson’s recent rise than the fact that Janus beat him by two dogs four months ago.”

Simpson’s rise has included big performances in Three Brother’s Pizza and Waffles and a win at the Buffalo Wing-Eating Championship on Labor Day Weekend. Simpson not only won wings, he beat Humble Bob and Sonya Thomas. He remains, however, ranked behind Eater X.

“Say what you will about Chip, but Eater X is more active than Simpson and very competitive,” said the now-retired Badlands Booker. “He did well at Johnsonville Brats and almost ran away with Cannoli.”

Two things are certain. Both eaters have their merits and this Sunday is Separation Sunday in Major League Eating. A spot at the Krystal Square Off III World Hamburger-Eating Championship is at-stake and the outcome may also change the standings in the last quarter of 2006.

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