Where is Donkey Kong?

Following the event, Zakierski gathered a lot of attention and not just from the fair ladies of Nashville’s highest institute of learning. Many eating fans believed that Zakierski would soon become one of the circuit’s most exciting rookies.

“Donkey Kong showed incredible promise out of the gate, but he failed to develop,” said MLE exec George Shea. “It’s crushing, but this is what happens when you’re out harvesting talent on the competitive eating circuit. Hopes rise and hopes fall.”

Some believe a simple typo is the reason Zakierski’s flirtation with Major League Eating was so brief.

“The reports were printed reading Dunkey Kong not Donkey Kong. A 'u' instead of an 'o,'” said Commissioner Hardy. “It was a simple vowel misplacement but the kid took it to heart. We all hope he’ll return.”

The question lingers, does Zakierski have thick enough skin to show at the Krystal event in Nashville on Sunday? As 80's super-synth group Asia said 'only time will tell.'

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