Brian "Yellowcake" Subich

The 30-year-old former elected official – at 22, the youngest-ever member of the Johnstown, PA, City Council – has trained his sights on the world’s top eaters. Subich began his journey into eating on a bet with a friend. Five double cheeseburgers and $20 dollars later, he had found his life’s focus.

Subich began competing in local events, honing his skill with Italian food and pizza, in particular, a discipline in which he has natural talent, easily consuming 1 ½ 16-inch pizza in five minutes with no distress.

His first foray into the organized world of competitive eating came in a hotly contested 2003 IFOCE-sanctioned chicken wing-eating match in Pittsburgh, PA, where he performed remarkably well. His jaws tired in the latter half of the contest, however, prompting him to begin a training regimen that he continues to this day. Subich speed-chews five sticks of gum for 15 minutes each day to strengthen his jaw.

The Johnstown native now seeks to expand on his natural capacity by improving his ability to manipulate food. He is rarely full at the end of an event, highlighting the fact that he must eat more efficiently. He is currently studying to be a teacher and expects to spend more time in 2005 studying both the great minds and great eaters of our time.

A former high school and college offensive lineman, Subich currently coaches the Greater Johnstown Trojans, a junior high school squad that completed the 2004 season with only one loss. Subich and his wife, Theresa, together coach a gang of three boys – ages 10, 14 and 16. Thankfully, Subich stands 6’ 6” and weighs 320 pounds, positioning him as an authority figure at the dinner table and competitive eating table.

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