Shoudt Likes American Music

The concert is part of a full day's activities, which is highlighted by the Johnsonville Bratwurst Eating Championship (broadcast on ESPN.)

Conti has reported that hes excited to catch another Femmes gig, and wonders if they remember sharing a ride to X Fest years ago. Perhaps no eater is as excited as Humble Bob Shoudt, a music lover who matriculated at Ursinus College back when the Femmes ruled the indie charts. Shoudt is considered a potential top-three finisher in the Johnsonville event.

The Violent Femmes, best known for such hits as Add It Up, Blister in the Sun and American Music, are slated to take the Brat Days main stage at 8:45pm. Brat Days is perfect for music lovers as all concerts are free of charge. The August 5th line up includes such acts as Poor J, the Brewhaus Polka Kings, and Uncle Meat and the Sausage Tossers who kick things off at 10am.

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