Finally Full

Jarvis was once the top-ranked American eater and has maintained a top-ten ranking for nearly five years. His attention has recently focused on his substantial domestic responsibilities -- a growing family (wife, daughter and son), two businesses and the construction of a new house.

Despite his retirement, Jarvis remains a powerful figure in competitive eating. He continues to call eaters with amazing frequency and retains more eating knowledge than any person alive.

Perhaps the most endearing moment in Cookie's career was his first IFOCE event, the ice cream-eating contest. Cookie won this event, beating eating veterans Don Lerman and Kevin Lipsitz and sending shockwaves through the community. The record he set that day, one gallon and nine ounces of ice cream in 12 minutes, revealed the promise of a great athlete.

Jarvis' efforts have helped to establish eating into the dynamic fan-friendly sport that it is.

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