"Eater X", Tim Janus

This training served him well upon his entry into another difficult arena: competitive eating. The rookie, who burst onto the scene at the Freirich corned beef and cabbage championship in March 2004, has advanced quickly, taking his lumps and learning from the veterans.

He has established himself as an efficient and determined eater during his freshman year, tying the great Cookie Jarvis for fourth place at the National Buffalo Wing Festival and placing second to Badlands Booker in cheesecake and cannoli.

While Janus failed to earn a seat in the Krystal Square Off in 2004, he did earn his bones by going out on the road to try. The newcomer is clearly willing to travel for the chance to compete, and has shown up in a variety of locations, from Buffalo to Florida to California, always wearing his trademark face paint.

No one fully understands why Janus covers his face with a painted mask, but many believe it is designed to conceal an inner torment. He has been compared to Speed Racer’s mysterious older brother, Racer X, and most believe that some unnamed emotional turmoil drives him to compete, to win. The eaters have begun to refer to Janus as “Eater X” and speculate that he may be eating for a cause, perhaps to save his mother’s home from repossession, or to pay his younger brother’s way through college so he can have a better life.

Originally from Connecticut, Janus graduated from Southern Methodist University, where he studied public policy and political science. He trains in the days before a contest by consuming four pounds of scrambled eggs chased by a gallon of water. Janus is a quiet young man with strong jaws and few words. He prefers to make his statements at the table, where he is a genial, but ferocious competitor.

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