2006 Nathan's Circuit Announced

While neither Lerman not Lipsitz has ever won this event, they have competed in more qualifiers than anyone in history. Lipsitz has recently shifted his attention away from hot dogs to pickled and bitter vegetables, a category in which he has achieved significant victories.

Lerman, the current butter-eating champion of the world and former jalapeno pepper-, baked bean- and hamburger-eating champion of the world, has eclectic tastes and favors difficult foods, most notably jalapeno peppers, which are reported to cause anguish when eaten and when processed.

Lerman is a speed-eater by disposition and loves the short game. One of his greatest moments came when he consumed six pounds of baked beans in one minute, 48 seconds. He ran a day-old bread store before retiring to Levittown, Long Island, and he is known for his love of sport and for his love of Cammie, his bull terrier and muse. Don has many custom-embroidered jackets featuring his different monikers, but it is the image of Cammie that appears most frequently.

Lerman is single and owns his own karaoke machine, which he keeps in his trophy room. (His singing style has been compared to that of the velvet fog, Mel Torme.)

As we move into the 2006 Nathanís hot dog circuit, which may be dominated by relative newcomers to the sport such as Sonya Thomas, it is worth remembering that we stand on a platform built by eaters of the past, eaters of distinction.

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