Asparagus Rookie Joins Top Competitive Eaters

Old timers might cite a young Stan Libnitz, who did his best work in his first year on the hot dog circuit, or Charles Sylvester Carter, whose pancake prowess peaked at 21. But no one can comapre to Joey Chestnut, who has earned more than $32,000 in cash and prizes in the first two months of 2006.

Chestnut, who began his journey in the great sport of eating 11 months ago at the asparagus contest, has earned the respect of veterans by beating the No. 2-ranked Sonya Thomas and threatening the great Kobayashi himself in the Krystal Square Off.

Chestnut began the 2006 season on a roll, placing second in the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship and winning the famed WIP 610 Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, where he battled against crowd favorite Rich LeFevre for a full 30 minutes before donning the crown.

Chestnut seems at his best in a short contest. However, recent accomplishments in longer events have demonstrated versatility and many handicappers expect him to draw even with Thomas in 06. To read more about Chestnut's chosen sport, check out this article.

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