Thomas Tops Chestnut, Simpson, Janus, Shoudt for Turkey Win

Artie's Deli on the Upper West Side of Manhattan on the even of Thanksgiving to eat 10-pound roast turkeys in the Thanksgiving Invitational.

Eric “Badlands” Booker started quickly in the 12-minute contest, ripping through both breasts and establishing an eight-ounce lead after three minutes. However, as the contest progressed and the meat became moister in the drumsticks and shoulders, Sonya Thomas, Chip Simpson and Tim Janus gained speed.

At the end of 12 minutes, nearly all competitors had stripped their 10-pound bird down to the bones. After an intensive session with the scales, Commissioner Hardy handed in the results:

1st Place: Sonya "The Black Widow' Thomas (4 LBs, 3.1 Ounces)
2nd Place: Joey 'JAWS' Chestnut (3 LBs, 14.1 Ounces)
3rd Place: Chip Simpson (3 LBs, 13.8 Ounces)
4th Place: Tim 'Eater X' Janus (3 LBs, 9.7 Ounces)

In fifth place was Bob Shoudt with 3 pounds, 9.1 ounces; sixth place, Badlands Booker, 3 pounds, 7.8 ounces; seventh place, Cookie Jarvis, 3 pounds 6.2 ounces; and Hall Hunt, 2 pounds, 6.7 ounces.

"This sets a benchmark for all Americans as they address their Thanksgiving meal tomorrow," said IFOCE Chairman George Shea.

This Thanksgiving, through Food P.A.T.C.H., the and the IFOCE will provide complete holiday meals for 20 families of four who would otherwise go without a Thanksgiving dinner.

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