Win City

And if Rich sounds confident, he should. LeFevre has won three Nathan’s titles in Las Vegas, never losing on his beloved Strip.

"Rich and Carlene are about to prove once again whey they’re the Captain and Tennille of the Las Vegas eating scene," said Brian Ferguson, a fan of the LeFevres and himself a resident of Henderson "Or are Captain and Tennille the Rich and Carlene of the Las Vegas music scene? Whatever the case, nobody is stopping the LeFevre assault tomorrow. Nobody."

Perhaps Mr. Ferguson is unaware of the 23 Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and buns that Las Vegas resident Ron “Hizzoner” Koch downed last year, but his comments echo those of most eating fans. Rich and Carlene are the 3rd and 7th ranked eaters in the world. And as the only active husband and wife eating team on the circuit they are enjoying a healthy period of dominance. While Carlene has been known to treat the Las Vegas qualifier as a practice run for Tempe, her husband is not known to hold punches and is definitely favored.

Ferguson added: “I have yet to see Hizzoner compete, but for my money Rich is the best in the country, and that clearly ain’t hometown bias!”

“I’m feeling good and I think I can take another Las Vegas title,” continued LeFevre. “I am doing a demo for media in the morning, which might take me off the mark a bit, but I hope to do a personal best.”

If he does, it will be hard for anyone to take him.

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