The All-American French Fry

Handwerker, who began his career in the restaurant industry by slicing hot dog rolls in Feltmanís beer hall in Coney Island, showed the character of the American entrepreneur by scraping and saving to open his own hot dog restaurant down the block: Nathanís Famous.

With wife, Ida, he created what has now become, without question, the greatest and most esteemed hot dog in the world. But his other invention, the slightly less-celebrated Nathanís Famous Krinkle Cut French Fry, is equally loved by French fry connoisseurs. In an era of skinny, unsubstantial fries, nothing compares to the hearty, but delicate Krinkle Cut fry. As delicious as they are varied, the fries have created generations of loyal fans.

Made from fresh potatoes, the fries are cooked in 100 percent canola oil, so they have no trans fats. But it is not the relative health merits that win over customers Ė it is the taste. To those who truly love French fries, there are none better.

In honor of this chubby little cherub, Nathanís Famous will hold the world French Fry Eating Contest on March 31 in its historic Oceanside restaurant. And we will answer the question that has nagged inquisitive gourmands for nearly a century: How many pounds of those beauties can one person eat?

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