The Tioga Downs World Chicken Spiedie Eating Championship Presented by Lupo’s

Date: 08/12/2017
Location: Nichols, NY
Winner: Matt Stonie, with a WR 20.5 Lupo's Chicken Spiedies in 10 min, Lupo
Total Prizes: $4,000 total cash purse


Under black skies and a torrent of rain, Matt Stonie set a new World Chicken Spiedie-eating record by downing 20.5 chicken spiedies in 10 minutes at the 2017 edition of the Tioga Downs World Chicken Spiedie Eating Championship Presented by Lupo’s. In doing so, he bested his own previous world record of 20 chicken spiedies in 10 minutes, defended his spiedie title and fought off a stellar field of elite MLE talent. Count them by name, all vanquished by Stonie: Chestnut, Cincotti, Esper, Oji, Breeden and more. All came to win. All left without the crown.

Make no bones about it: This was a statement win for Stonie. The same Stonie who fell to third at this year’s Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest proved his power, speed and strength against all comers. He should feel proud of his considerable achievement. In response to a photograph of Stonie hoisting aloft his trophy at the conclusion of the event, he remarked on social media: “I look so full lol..”

And so he should look full. The 8oz Lupo’s chicken spiedie is a delicious meal in and of itself. Geoff Esper landed in second. Chestnut and Cincotti tied for third. Darron Breeden continued his incredible rookie season with fifth, while Oji fell to sixth. Others ate considerably less.

This was Stonie’s night. He left the arena full of heart and stomach. There is no greater feeling in our sport. It makes it worth the going, worth the ride. And you don’t need to finish first to feel it. But it helps.

1st - Matt Stonie - 20.5
2nd - Geoffrey Esper - 20
T3rd - Joey Chestnut and Carmen Cincotti - 18.5
5th - Gideon Oji - 14
6th - Darron Breeden - 12.5
7th - Buffalo Jim Reevs 7.5
8th - Wild Bill Myers - 5.25
9th - Michael Deitz - 4.5
10th - DJ Vinny - 1
11th - Daniella Gioia - 0.75

This contest took place at 7.30pm Eastern, on Saturday August 12th, 2017, trackside at Tioga Downs Casino, Racing & Entertainment, 2384 W River Rd, Nichols, NY 13812!

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