The World Slugburger Eating Championship Presented by Main Street Corinth

Date: 07/15/2017
Location: Corinth, MS
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with 35 Slugburgers in 10 minutes, Slugburgers
Total Prizes: $3,000 total purse


Joey Chestnut ate 35 Slugburgers in 10 minutes to defend his crown at the 2017 World Slugburger Eating Championship Presented by Main Street Corinth. It was not an easy thing. He was hunted the entire way home.

Geoffrey Esper again cemented his place among the upper eschelons of the Major Eating tree with another controlled, simple demonstration of power eating. Esper would finish with 33 Slugburgers in 10 minutes. When Chestnut began to pull away—as he has done countless times at the MLE table—in the ebbs and flows of the contest's middle section, Esper redoubled his efforts to harness an epic fight back. That it fell slightly short should not diminish his achievement.

Nor should being pushed to the line diminish the performance of Chestnut. There are no more easy wins for the man. He has three men who have learned not to fear him at his heels in every contest. Respect him, yes. But fear him? No. The world has changed. There is a king and he must fight to rule. Gone are the days of wishing for more rigid competition, King Chestnut. Your request has been answered by the eating Gods. You survive or perish in your reply.

Gideon Oji was gallant for third in his Slugburger debut. Michael Whites again impressed in the discipline for fourth. Others ate less. Full results below.

Chestnut. Stonie. Cincotti. Esper. We live in a time of excellence.

1st - Joey Chestnut, 35 Slugburgers in 10 min
2nd - Geoffrey Esper, 33
3rd - Gideon Oji, 22
4th - Michael Whites, 16
5th - Matthew Cohen, 13.5
6th - Matthew Raible, 10
7th - Wild Bill Himself, 8.5
8th - Jeff Stark, 6.75
9th - Josh Hudson, 6
10th - Taylor Coombs, 3.66

This contest took place at 4:00pm Central, on Saturday, July 15, 2017 in Historic Downtown Corinth at the Corinth Depot, 221 North Fillmore St., Corinth, MS.

Please note: This contest is restricted to participants aged 18 and over!

About The Main Street Corinth Slugburger Festival!
The 30th Annual Slugburger Festival will be the best yet! Major League Eating returns on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. for The World Slugburger Eating Championship Presented by Main Street Corinth alongside three great nights of live entertainment to celebrate the burger that we all love! Slugburgers come "mopped"—served with mustard, onion and pickle—and are a delicacy around Corinth, Mississippi. And, what's more, we love to share with anyone willing to try one!

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