The Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship

Date: 05/13/2017
Location: Owensboro, KY
Discipline: Chopped Mutton Sliders
Total Prizes: $4,000 Total Prize Purse


Ladies and gentlemen, Major League Eating is proud to announce another addition to our 2017 slate of sanctioned eating Championships. Meet the Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship, where a world record will be set in a new discipline—the delicious Chopped Mutton Slider. Major League Eaters from near and far are warmly encouraged to sign up for the chance to compete in this history-making event.

Those with good taste know that every second weekend in May, Owensboro, KY, springs to life with the wonderful smells and sounds of the International Bar-B-Q Festival. Smoke from hickory-stoked fires blends with the aroma of sizzling chicken, bubbling burgoo and roasting mutton. There is simply no better place to be for the hungry, the wise and those who seek new culinary adventures.

Do you have what it takes to stare down Chopped Mutton Slider after Chopped Mutton Slider over 10 minutes of grueling competition? Do you want to visit the Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival? Do you want to win money by eating food? Do you want to be the first to set a world record in this new discipline? Or do you simply want to see the world's best eaters do what they do so well? This is The Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich-Eating Championship! At the table or in the crowd—don't you ever miss it!

1st - $2,000
2nd - $1,000
3rd - $500
4th - $350
5th - $150

This contest will take place at 2pm local time on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 at the Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival, in McConnell Plaza along the riverfront next to the Owensboro Convention Center, in downtown Owensboro, KY!

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**All applicants must be 18 years of age or older and fully acknowledge and understand the inherent dangers and risks associated with participating in an eating contest. The applicant further acknowledges and understands that the MLE/IFOCE coordinates with event sponsor(s) to select and approve eligible participants, and that the MLE/IFOCE shall decide, at its sole discretion, whether an applicant is eligible to participate in any eating event, and/or related activities. The MLE/IFOCE may revoke an applicant's eligibility to participate in the eating contest, or related activities, at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion. The MLE/IFOCE and the event sponsors reserve the right, at any time, to change any and all details concerning the event, including, e.g., time, duration, location and prize structure.

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