National Sweet Corn Eating Championship

Date: 04/30/2017
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Discipline: Sweet Corn
Total Prizes: $6,100 total cash purse


Major League Eating is proud to announce the return of the National Sweet Corn Eating Championship—a legend of the MLE circuit and one of its most-demanding—to its 2017 slate of sanctioned eating contests. This 12-minute event is the ultimate test of technique and capacity, a marathon in which focus and emotional calm is more important than pure power.

At last year's event, Yasir Salem ate 47 ears of Florida sweet corn in 12 minutes to set a new world record, besting the previous mark of 46, held by Joe LaRue. Gideon Oji would finish second with 43.5, while the defending champion Erik the Red Denmark ate 37.5 for third. Crazy Legs Conti—a former champion at this event—came fourth with 34.5. Nasty Nate Biller ate 25 for fifth.

But that is the past and we are looking to the future and when the future gets here we will be present. We will not look back, we will not look forward, we will be in the moment and know that the moment tastes like delicious Florida sweet corn. But who among MLE's finest will triumph this year? Will Yasir repeat his dominant performance? Will another eater take his corn-encrusted crown? Will it be you? At the table or in the crowd, don’t you ever miss the 2017 National Sweet Corn Eating Championship!

1st - $2,500
2nd - $1,500
3rd - $1000
4th - $600
5th - $300
6th - $200

This contest will take place at 3pm on Sunday April 30, 2017, at the Sweet Corn Fiesta, held in the Yesteryear Village at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33411

About The South Florida Sweet Corn Fiesta
The annual South Florida Sweet Corn Fiesta, presented by the Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida, is buttered with a family festival of children’s games, music, a national eating competition and, oh yes, mouth-watering and locally grown sweet corn.

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