Benís Chili Bowlís World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC

Date: 10/08/2016
Location: Washington, DC
Winner: Joey Chestnut, with a World Record 2.25 Gallons of Chili in 6 Min, Benís Chili Bowl Chili
Total Prizes: $3,000 total cash purse


Let it be known that at the 2016 Benís Chili Bowlís World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC, Joey Chestnut ate 2.25 gallons of Benís Chili Bowl Chili. In doing so, he set a new world Chili-eating record. His mark is also the first time in recorded history that any one has consumed more than two gallons of the good stuff in the allotted time. Before this date, two gallons was the best we could do. That mark has been erased. A new bar has been set.

Chestnut put on a clinic of controlled, pure, power eating. The rain and gray on this day would not slow him or the DC faithful, who cheered every bite, every swallow with the hope that at the conclusion of the contest they had witnessed history. They were not to be disappointed. The nationís capital can add another milestone of human achievement to its roll call of American exceptionalism.

Carmen Cincotti continued his incredible 2016 season with a remarkable second-place performance; he ate 7.75 32 oz bowls of Benís Chili Bowl chili. His presence at any MLE event ensures that Chestnut or Matt Stonie will need to be on their best if they hope to win. While he should not ever be disappointed in finishing second to these titans of eating, one feels Cincottiís first MLE Championship feels closer than ever. Dud Light ate in a kneeling position for third; Juliet Lee was lovely and charming and ate a lot for fourth. Full results below.

1 Joey Chestnut 9 32oz Bowls (2.25 Gallons) of Ben's Chili Bowl Chili in 6 Min
2 Carmen Cincotti 7.75
3 Brian Dudzinski 4.75
4 Juliet Lee 4.25
5 Kevin Ambs 4
6 Yasir Salem 3.5
7 Badlands and Micah Collins 3
9 Wild Bill Myer s2.25
10 Michael Deitz 2

This contest took place at 3pm Eastern, on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at the Taste of DC Festival, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC!

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